Why it is okay to Invest in a trend


Fall vibes have made its way and you know its officially Fall vibes when you change your clothing rack in your office. No joke this weekend I spent time pulling and getting everything ready for the change of the season! With the change of the season comes the shot of trends that make the way to the market. Personally in my opinion, everything is a trend and evolves over time to an essential in one’s wardrobe.

Every year I find myself purchasing trend pieces for the season. Not only because I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. But because trends can be a fun piece to have in one’s closet for that season. I love the idea of finding trends and purchasing them in a set budget to try out and see if I take to them. If necessary I am not in LOVE with this trend at least I know I didn’t invest tons of money into that piece! Or at least I know a friend that would love the piece more than maybe I could of. The point that I am trying to make is that trends are totally awesome and should be done! Moral of the story follow that trend!

This is building up to my bag that is featured in today’s post! When I saw this beauty I knew I needed and wanted it in my collection. I ran to my laptop ordered it and waited 25 days for it to magically appear in my mail. Last week 3 weeks later it arrived on a Thursday. As soon as that happened, I ripped it out of the packaging and ran to fill all my belongings in it. Excited??? Just a little bit to say the least! But to moral is I was so excited to shoot it on Friday with all my Fall feels happening. A piece that was so affordable and so TRENDY for fall! I linked my bag right here!

What are some of the trends that you are loving this Season, tell me below!

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