Why you need a white denim jacket

One thing that I have been wanting for some time now is a good white denim jacket. After I cleaned out my closet I got rid of so much old in my wardrobe that was not up to date and or didn’t represent that time in my life. It has been one thing on my list for months now to purchase investment and “crossover” pieces. And finally, I bit the bullet and purchased a white denim jacket last week.  And let me say I have absolutely no regrets over this purchase. I can also say in all honesty that I am obsessed with white denim jackets more than I am with regular distressed denim jackets. Everyone should own one and should have them for basically any part of their wardrobe! 

Also, another thing that I love is the flexibility with styling of this striped dress! I snagged this dress a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it absolutely non-stop! I mean non-stop, for one it is so comfy and it has pockets. But it is also a great piece to have for work especially in the summer! 

What are some pieces that you are loving this summer!?


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  1. siffona smith
    June 28, 2018 / 11:27 am

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