Why you need a team!

It has been about two weeks from my blogger babe retreat in Nashville. And I am yet still in awe of the amazing and genuine blogger babes I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with.
If there is one thing you need in blogging it has to be a team. If we all know what team it is defined as. Together  Everyone Achieves More! And let me just say in blogging if you can get past the mean girls and find a genuine real group. You to can achieve that blogging support group too!

Let’s rewind here on how I met all of these ladies. 

About a year ago I was asked to join an Instagram group with some ladies from across the country. Last year around this time I was really trying to grow my Instagram following. I spent so much time on here that I lacked on social media. One day I recieved a notification from a girl asking if I wanted to joing a blog support group on Instagram. Without a thought, I instantly said “yes.” And from there these ladies have become some of my best friends.

We talk every day from life to blogging problems to content. I know all about these ladies down to the person level. Which is something so fun to me! I know the exact ways they got engaged and even what there hopes and dreams are for the future when it comes there blogs. We are each others support system in this crazy world of blogging.

And that comes into the importance of today’s post, why you need a team. We all have supporters and people that are here cheering you on! As much as we have supporters we have people that are the first to bring you down. In blogging, I feel like we are always competing sometimes for that collaboration or for who has the better content. So it is always refreshign when you can surrond youself around ladies who just want to see the best for you.

 In all having that support group helps to make the blogging thing a little bit easier.

These ladies have changed my life forever and that’s why I am saying having that support group and or team can change the game. At 20 and a few months, I can say I have learned one important thing. Surrond yourself around people that you support and love you. By doing that it helps to create a positive life for you and for those.

This is the first of three posts from Nashville and I am so excited to share so much about my trip! This was my first time traveling by myself and being on my own for a few days. It was such a wonderful experience. I recomend any 20 something to go by thereselves and take a trip to learn how to travel and how to get around. One of the best experiences ever!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



  1. Ellie Love
    August 25, 2017 / 10:24 am

    Wow, wish I could be a part of it…!<3www.blogellive.com

  2. Courtney Hardy
    August 25, 2017 / 12:57 pm

    The community aspect of blogging is so fun! Blogging is most of the time very individual, and it's nice to have other bloggers to talk to so it doesn't seem so isolating. http://sugarcoatedbears.blogspot.com/

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