Why you need linen shorts this summer

If the title says it all let me explain first why I am so strong-minded regarding linen shorts. 

I have never been a fan of shorts ever, denim shorts scare me point blank. Never have I ever been able to find a pair that I love and feel confident in. SO I have point blank gave up on trying to find a pair that fit me and shorts in general. Instead, I have switched over to the idea of linen shorts. Not only are they huge this season but they truthfully are comfortable beyond words. So I have switched over from Denim shorts to straight linen shorts and let me give you 5 reasons why! 

1. They are breathable- 

If you didn’t know linen is so breathable if its super hot out just throw linen on and you won’t be disappointed. I never knew this was true until I wore a pair of linen pants on a hot day and I instantly was able to be comfortable. 

2. They are comfortable- 

Nothing I love more than wearing linen anything! It is so comfortable breathable like I said above and just is a good on the go comfort pieces to own. 

3. Did I tell you linen shorts are the bomb?- 

I love the way that linen shorts fit, look and stay. As I said before I broke up with linen shorts completely and I love that I can turn to a drawstring short. These ones are my very favorite and come in three different colors! 

4. It’s like the thing to wear in the summer- 

No joke everyone has something that is linen in the summer. I mean who would you be if you didn’t have something linen? It has so many benefits to wear linen, choose being cool this summer. 

5. It can be so affordable- 

Find the right place to spend your money on linen pieces you can actually grab good pieces for an affordable and good rate! I always recommend stocking up on pieces right now or towards the end of the summer. 


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