Why you need a pair of paper bag Pants!

It might seem out of the norm or completely left field. But paper bag pants? Yes I hear you 100% that’s what I thought when I saw my friend Victoria going through vendor picks a few months ago. It kinda comes around to the discussion of “florals for spring?, ground breaking.” But really I’m here to tell you why you need to purchase a pair this year for your spring capsule!

If you are like me you struggle with pants
⁃ I love pants 99% of the content I shoot now is pants related posts and less and less skirts and dresses in the cold months. ( I’m being as real as I can be I don’t wear skirts or dresses ever if it’s cold) So I tend to turn to a good three pairs of capsule pants for October to April. Then I switch off into the world of white denim and light wash denim for Spring and Summer. But what about something different?
Which leads me to different bottoms!
– I love white denim and it’s a wonderful alternative in the spring and summer to regular true denim. I own two pairs of white denim they are my favorite things on the planet. But I also struggle with white denim and sometimes can’t wear them everywhere, including work. This is where it all makes that sense to you! Adding in a linen based pant for summer and spring makes your wardrobe different, fun and iconic. How? Take these polka dot bottoms. So out of my comfort zone but the more I saw them and thought. I came to the conclusion I could wear them with just about everything in my closet. White shirt, black and blue. Heel no heel. White shoe, slide and Chanel flat. I was beyond sold on them and snagged them before anything.
Which leads me to my last thought….
⁃ Why don’t you have a pair of high waisted paper bag pants? They are professional enough to wear to the office or for my girls that are interviewing! Yes!!! And additionally we can’t forget they are perfect to dress up or dress down which is perfect! I snagged these polka dot ones from my fav wight elephant! She still has so many sizes available! But if not I snagged and tagged some that are perfect for spring and to create that capsule collection!
What are you excited for this spring? What are you stocking up on! Let me know below!

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