Why I finally Invested in White Boots

White boots?? Am I a year short? Nope!

Here is a short story for you about my feelings with White Boots. So I have been wanting maybe potentially try the trend. When the trend popped up last year I was so torn I liked the trend but also knew I would never ever wear them ever.( I had zero hope that I could actually do it)  So I put it back in box of trends to try and knew I would re-visit at a later time and date.

And here we are… fall 2018. One of my very good friends who is also the proud owner of the online and brick and mortar Wight Elephant changed me. She just got in these white boots, she pulled them for me for a look I needed to an event. And I won’t lie, I was on the fence. I didn’t know if I would love them, hate them or even wear them. I soon found out that they go with everything. And to mention they look good with just about anything in your closet. Literally who would have thought a white boot would look that good with just about anything.

The truth really is I held out on purchasing a pair to see if the trend would come back into play for the next season. And to see if it would be worn for the next year. And let me just say it absolutely is back and is here to stay! I always thank Victoria for bringing them my direction and getting me interested in a pair! Thanks so her I am beyond obsessed and in love with the whole white boot trend!

Goes to tell you that maybe, waiting for a trend to see if it will be back for the next year isn’t such a bad idea!

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