Where have I Been

You might be asking where have I been? After a week in a half of no blog posts, I am finally back in action this Monday and I am pretty excited to be back doing light blogging. It is most definitely that time of year finals, finishing up internship and a new job! Yes, I accepted a new job roughly a week ago and now I am working a new position!  I also found some time to have a benefit this past weekend for the Alzheimers association which is a cause that is so close and dear to my heart. It meant the world that people could come out and help us raise some money and awareness for a cause! So in a paragraph that is where I have been for roughly a week in a half. However, I am so excited to be getting back to basics around here on the blog and getting back into the swing of things!

We have had exceptional spring temperatures the other day and finally we are getting that summer feel of blooming and florals. I am finally pulling out some good spring pieces and this skirt is perfect for summer and spring! First off it is so comfortable and it is so flattering which is something I adore.


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