What’s in my Carry-on bag?

Well Hello guy’s I have missed you all so much I have been pretty busy the last week in half. When traveling comes around and then family thing’s on top of that, it makes it really hard to get back to blogging and doing some of the thing’s I truly love!

With that being said your probably slightly wondering about my new look to my blog! Exciting news i’m working on finally giving the look I want and the image I want to Coffee and a Blonde. This is who I am and i’m excited to represent me through my site. 

Sooooo Enough of that and more to the “what is in my Carry-on bag”, I have been wanting to show you the things I take with me on long train or car rides. And some of my favorite snacks. This bag is a oldie but oh so goodie from Rebecca Minkoff, and not to mention it held all these things you see here. Unfortunately it is not sold anymore so sad! When it comes to traveling I have to have snacks fishies are my fav and so are roasted almonds total yes. Now I always have a small little bag with ibuprofen a lip balm a nail file etc.  Of course you have to have some form of entertainment for those long trips I love Instyle and a good teen vogue and always my laptop! When it comes to traveling always pack smart and be prepared for however many hours the trip may be! Thank you so much for reading and happy happy Monday!!! 



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