What’s in my Amazon Cart



Oh amazon how you get me every single time. It can be deadly having an amazon membership y’all. Besides it being so convent to get such a good pieces and good things fast. It can also be addicting. Recently, I renewed my amazon membership. Which if you ask me says a lot. Especially that I cancelled it in the first place, guys. Literally I said to myself I was going to stay away and not renew it for another year OR a few months. Well, I was so wrong and really wrong. I renewed it literally 2 weeks after I cancelled it. WHOOPS!

Let’s talk whats in my cart!

So many things have been grabbing me recently. I snagged air pods silicone holder that comes in so many colors and is perfect for on the go and protecting those pods! Best investment ever and $5! I also currently have in my cart these leggings. I have heard so much that they are exactly like the Lulu lemon leggings. Which if you know they retail for over $100 on a good day. I am not ready in anyway to commit to that realtionship with a legging. I mean I just signed up for a Pure Barre membership y’all. That was so painful! But in all I am so excited to purchase these and wear them and see if they are the quality,comfort and stand the chance to them. Now way can something replace lulu leggings. But I am open to seeing if this will actaully be the thing.

Dupes Dupes and dupes, you know I can find them and I have linked some of my very favorite ones this time around. Seriously so many good ones and these V rockstud dupes are just so good! Especially if you are balling on a budget I got you major covered over here. David Yurman dupe for that link bracelet, I found it. Finally clear acrylic bag that is the hottest trend this year found it and so excited that I FINALLY found it. And for under $30, YES.


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