What to wear when it is Cold

I feel like this is a post that is so necessary to write. We are currently into the seocnd week of January and that means that we are experiencing fashion block, and cold weather. Except for this past weekend which was so warm and almost like spring temperatres for some of us. I wanted to round up my favorite “easy to style”, and wear winter look. That is certified to keep you optimistic for the next 8 weeks until spring comes.

This cardigan I scored from Express and let me start out by saying why you need this item for the rest of winter. It is so warm and additionally it is made with really high quality for the price. When I saw it, I kept thinking of everything that I could wear it with. Furthermore how I could then transition it into spring and spring style since PA winters tend to last a little longer than some others.

These booties are also a huge favorite of mine, I just snagged them and they are perfect to wear for right now and I love how they come up higher! Making it super versitile with just about anything in your wardrobe.

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