Best summer striped dress

Stripes??? Groundbreaking!

But really raise your hand now if you own a striped dress in your closet! The figure might surprise you a little bit! Truth is with summer on its last leg I have taken down the bright colored pairings.  You have seen me being such a huge fan of when summer began. And now you can see me instead switching over to a more basic feel for clothes.When I saw this dress I thought so many things one, perfect for right now! Two beyond perfect to wear to school and to class for the first few weeks. And three it looked beyond comfortable to wear for just about anything! And with that I was beyond sold on this Olive+ Oak dress!  Do you ever just see something anf you instatntly know that you NEED to have it in your closet? That is this girl over here, when I see something I know I love. I KNOW that I need to have it right now in my closet.

Since I have been going through my closet transformation this past year, getting rid of all the old and not needed things and instead welcoming in the more needed things in my life. Such as investment pieces and things that I know can get multiple wear out of them. Personally it has made me look way deeper into what I am buying and what I actually need in my closet. With adding in way more of a basic in my life it has helped me to be able to get back to building a substainable wardrobe that is capsule approved and is perfect for the transitions to the next seasons. Which is a huge win over here if you ask me!

Whar are some pieces and trends, that you are loving right now for the end of the summer?? Comment below and let me know!

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