The Perfect Wrap Dress from Daytime to Night


If you follow me around on isntagram you have seen this Dress before. About two weeks ago I posted this dress over on Instagram basically gushing about this dress! Back in early April I purchased this from Old Navy when they were having a huge Pre- Spring sale. It is not secret that I love and adore Old Navy recently. I found this dress and without much thought ordered it. And let me tell you something pictures do not do it justice. It is so comfortable, lined and really cute! So it really got me thinking about the mutliple ways one could go about wearing it. If you know this about me, you know 100% in my wardrobe consists of peices that have MULTIPLE uses within my closet. So it led me to style this dress in more of a way one could wear to the office.

Beyond my love for this dress, I love LOVE these block heels. This is beyond the perfect height for my girls that are looking for a comfortable, professional heel. These are so stinking comfortable and are able to be purchased at your local Target! So no need to order them online and worry about them not fitting! Believe me what I say when I mean comfortable, they literally were my graduation shoe. Because I was so nervous to wear any higher heel due to the fact I can not walk in Heels. (In my mind)

The way that I styled this Dress was with of course these adorable block heels. Followed by my favorite denim jacket ever. Fun fact I have always loved denim but now I really admire it and like it more than ever. I feel like throwing on a Denim Jacket followed with a adorable denim jacket is a fun way to keep something casual but still dressing it up in someway!

My Dress is currently on sale! Shop my entire look right below!


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