The Perfect White Blouse

By now I feel like we all know my new found obsession for Old Navy. Literally it is not a secret at all that I am obsessed with Old Navy. I even wrote a blog post detailing a recent try on session right here. Feel free to take a look at that! I literally broke down sizing and feel of these light denim jeans I have on. But seriously everyone I have bought so much from Old Navy in the past month that I have a incredibly amount of Old Navy Super cash. Including me not being able to fully understand what Old Navy Super cash is! So if someone knows how the whole process works feel free to comment down below and let me know!

Now on to Today’s post!

So last Sunday Old Navy had such a good steal on the website. If y’all didn’t know Old Navy Online works a little different than Old Navy in your local mall. They in a way work in a seperate antity. Which is kinda cool but also  kinda confusing if you see aprice higher than the other and it is the exact same piece of clothing. OKAY, now back to the story. So the entire site was once again 50% off again. Which if you ask me is a tempationa at its finest. I snagged 3 blouses from them. I have been trying to stock up on pieces I can use and need for everyday. When I went though my closet one thing that was missing was blouses. Especially with intervewing and soon starting a job. I knew that I needed this for my wardrobe.

First off they arrived and I was blown away by the garmet itself…

Easier said then done right? But I ordred white which if you ask me can be so diffucult sometimes in the department of quality and assurance. But all the white was in spectacular condition and high quality.

SO how do you feel about the pieces  now…

If you want pieces that you can have for the season and look for versitity this is for you. Old Navy, I feel like does such a good job at keeping it real and making things versitile for your wardrobe. For me that works for me. Because I have my strict policy on if I can wear it up to 4 times with different outfit options.


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