The perfect Red Dress+ Dupe Update


Happy Monday y’all did you all recover from Easter Weekend? I know I am still in a full food coma and I want nothing more than a nap and good Barre Class. Literally in need of both of these after the amount of food I shoved into my face this past weekend! However if you read the title of today’s post, I am gushing about two things. One this dress and two Designer dupes that I have found for you all!

When I saw this Red Dress I knew that this was literally everything I needed and more in my life. I wore it for Easter this past Sunday and I literally felt so magical in it. It is beyond comfortable number 1 and two it looks so good on any body type and literally anyone. I also wont lie, I was really scared to go with this color! I don’t own any of this color in my closet and knew that it was going to be a very bold choice of mine. But I have to say I instantly fell in love with it and you all need to explore the many color options of this dress for your wardrobe. Literally y’all it is that good it deserves to be talked about fully to the highest degree!

Sizing references I bought it in a size small and it fits just like a glove. The wrap tie helps to add some extra dimensions and fully show off your waist which I loved about this dress! Also this dress comes in a load of different color combos as I said above so make sure you are looking out for that since you can get it in white!

Finally, I wanted to talk about DESIGNER DUPES I found for you all. A brand new amount of dupes I have just found. And I am so darn excited to share them with you all. I might or might not of got some of these awesome dupes! They are seriously that good!


Shop my dress right here:


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