The March Challange

Well as I sit here I realized that it is one day until the start of the new month. And I am very relieved, February was a stressful month that came with so many curveballs and so many uphill battles. I am excited to be welcoming spring break this Friday and be off for a few days to get things in order. Planning blog content is one big thing I am aiming to do over break. 

Besides blog planning, I am also trying to put a new effect into place this March. I am the first to admit that I shop way too much and spend too much money on clothes. But then again who doesn’t do that? I know no girl that never turns down a cute pair of shoes and a cute bauble earring. Last year I went a little crazy with shopping for spring. I purchased way too much stuff and a lot of that stuff was worn once and then thrown back into my closet to never be worn again. That is something I am not proud to admit to you all! 

So this month I decided to put in effect a no shopping March. Okay, you are probably thinking no way Vic can you do this!!! Yes, I know I sound legit insane but it is something I really want to be able to put in an effect. Because as a blogger we spend way too much time purchasing that we never go back to our closet and create a new look from what we have. So this month I am putting in effect a no shopping month,  and instead taking time to fall in love with her closet! Its almost like for lent I’m giving up shopping. I won’t lie I am actually am excited to try this and to put this in full effect. Make sure to follow a fun little hashtag on Instagram and on here #CAABnoshopmarch to see the full progress of no shopping. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. Pam Scalfi
    March 1, 2018 / 9:24 am

    Love your outfit! And good luck with the challenge! I should do something similar hahaPam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

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