The Happiness of a good Bootie

Let us talk about booties, basically one of the biggest fall and winter staples around. And by far one of my most desired pieces. This year I donated a lot of my shoes and booties away. Again let us adopt that policy, the more we give the more we receive in the end. Well, for me I donated tons of shoes away, I mean tons. Ready to receive receive receive now. But this led me to think what and where I would find booties I loved and would wear in everyday life. Just not a blogging life, because ladies and gentlemen that is in actuality a real thing over here. I searched and I searched until I came across the perfect bootie for fall. Behold these chestnut beauties that forever have my heart! And they are available in 5 colors, I mentioned this all one IG last week because I am still in shock a shoe this awesome is available in 5 awesome colors. You know that saying “when you love something you need buy it in every color” DONE.

Speaking of comfy and fall, we need to talk about one thing I have major heart eyes for this Tunic top from The mint Julep Boutique. Y’all first off how cute just a super comfy basic. We all need to adopt more of basics in one’s closet. This tunic is literally perfect for the change of the season and even better with those layering options and ones that would like to be able to go and layer. Making it so perfect for the fall and winter season if you ask me.

What are some trends that you are loving for the change of the season? Let me know I want to know what you are loving and if you have ever experienced the pain that comes with bootie shopping!

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