The great embrodered bootie debate

Fall is here, for some of us that can be the time to unveil brand new fashions and styles. To get out of one’s comfort zones and express their individual style. When I saw my blogger babes at New York Fashion Week a couple of weeks back there were two shoe trends I kept seeing. One being white boots and two being embroidered shoes. I fell in love lets just say, as a college student and young millennial 20 something I like affordable without skipping out on luxury. 

So I started my search high and low

And I am sure you all can figure out where in fact I went to find these two trends. Tj maxx and Marshalls. I found one pair that I LOVED, but this is a trend not a forever trend for me and adjusting to $50 was not for this girl. So I continued on, and found the perfect pair on sale at Marshalls for under $20 and let me just say I was PUMPED. So the next part that came with this entire thing was how do I style them??? 

The hardest part of all… but in actuality, it was not. 

These shoes are everything I wanted a low heel, bootie, and of course a cute print. All of the recommendations I had for myself if I was in fact, going to purchase a pair of these shoes. 

My final piece of advice for everyone, trends can come and they can go. However, if you want to try a new seasonal trend don’t be afraid to try it. You might fall in love with the idea and it might completely change you. I rounded up some of my very favorite embroidered booties for fall. All that are super affordable and perfect for a person on a budget that wants to try a hot new fall trend. 


  1. Ellie
    October 2, 2017 / 8:26 am

    I love them so much!!!<3They are amazing!<

  2. Katherine and Brandon Swain
    October 6, 2017 / 1:24 pm

    Ok I love this trend!! Definitely going to check my local Marshalls this weekend! You've inspired me!Katherine |

  3. NotJessFashion
    October 7, 2017 / 6:16 am

    These are really pretty booties! I badly want a pair. Jessica |

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