The best shoes for Spring

Happy Monday Everyone!

How was everyones weekend? Mine was spent enjoying the last few days of spring break before we return to classes this week! I am sorta sad that spring break is over but the break was nice and short lived! We also are fianlly experiencing those warm spring temperatures. Which if you ask me is my ultimate favorite feeling ever. Give me all the spring feels! I woke up yesterday morning and it smelled just like spring. Which was by far one of my favorite things ever, thats when you know the change of the season is jsut right around the corner.

I wanted to round up shoes today here on the blog. Because shoes for spring is by far one of my favorite things to go shop for every year. Not tops, bags, or dresses all about the shoes. I own basically every shoe known to man and I always find msyelf finding new places to put all those shoes I purchase. So today I wanted to talk about the trends I am loving. And where you can snag these shoes for spring without breaking the BANK! Because let’s be honest here, shopping is fun. But not breaking the bank is the best possible feeling in the world . Nothing I love more than getting  good deal!

Last week I was doing some shopping as I said I AM FINALLY purchasing spring looks. So I decided to snag some shoes. I have grabbed two pairs since I started shopping for the new season. And let me just say this seasonis the best since ever. So many fun and new shoe trends that are taking full circle I am so excited! So I decided to round up all the budget friendly options below for spring.

What shoe trends are you all looking foward to the most? Let me know!


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