The Arm Candy Game

 The Arm Candy’s Rule’s 

When pulling pieces together on our wrists we must follow these rules 

Ten DO’s and Don’ts 

No.1 Don’t over stack it looks busy and just not cute It kinda takes away from maybe what you’re wearing and focuses on your wrist. It’s a no

No2.DO Mixing Metals it’s a cute look just don’t go crazy with it you may regret it.

No3. Do not be afraid of color!

No.4 DO own a nice watch! it’s the base to a great arm candy!

No.5 DO add those sentimental pieces of jewelry to your arm candy you can make it flow into a great look dress it up or dress it down. Those pieces are important to you and can actually be tied into your arm game and look awesome.

No.6 Do not spend ton’s of money on your arm candy’s like going to tiffany’s when you want a cool bracelet. FYI there is tons of places to find good quality jewelry that you won’t be throwing away each month.

No.7 DO get playful with your Arm game many times I have tried new things when I wanted to be more bold and it work’s or sometimes it doesn’t. Just keep trying new combinations!

No.8 Do not wear jewelry that cut’s off circulation. Common sense guys!!!

No.9 DO mix high and low it can be a great combination. I do it more and more lately.

No.10 Don’t Go to far extreme that people are drawing attention away from you to look what you have on your wrist. I know you may be proud of it but still walking out with ton’s of stuff on is not a cute in trend thing. Just saying guys!

Look One.
Michael Kors Watch
Stud white bracelet- store in Dc called LULU’s
Skull Bracelet- Francesca’s Collection
Gold finish bracelet- Francesca’s Collection 

Look Two.
Skull Bracelet- Brandy Melville
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Black Flower Bracelet- Juicy Couture
Nail Bracelet- LULU’s  

Look Three.
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Watch- Juicy Couture
Wrap Bracelet in gold- from a local Boutique

Look Four.
Diamond Stud Bracelet- Sabika classic collection
Small thin Bracelet- Alex and Ani
Shape Bracelet- Alex and Ani
Skull Bracelet- Francesca’s Collection
Black FLower Bracelet- Juicy Couture


As Always thanks so much for reading! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!
Lot’s of Love Victoria  

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