Summer in Cotton

Happy Thursday everyone!! 

Does anyone else feel like this week is going so fast? By far this is one of the fastest weeks I have had to date and to that I am so excited! This week we have been blessed with excessive hot temperatures that are killing me. Literally, I have been so warm the entire week that I had to change my whole way of wardrobe! 

A few weeks ago I was on my whole tantrum regarding my feels about shorts and how I offically broke up with them at 21! Since then I have never ever in my wildest dreams recieved so many DM’s and text and people straight coming up to me saying they relate! Well y’all I found another modern marvels when it comes to shorts and these babes I have a major heart for! I was casually walking through target one afternoon when I was off work and I found these comfy cotton blend shorts. Knowing I was obsessed I had no clue to what color to buy so I settled for both striped and black and let me tell you these are comfy flatering and perfect!

 I recocmend sizing down for comfort and buying literally every single color availabe and in stock! 



    • coffeeandablonde
      July 4, 2018 / 2:29 pm

      Thanks so much lady!

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