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What i’m wearing right now:Summer 

Once again I have returned, this time I am done with finals, school and pretty much everything else. Trading that all in for summer time! So on my first day off why not go and kick off the summer with a “What’s in my beach bag.” Soo let’s get started ……

Eau Thermale- is this amazing spring water mist that you spray on anywhere on your body and gives you instant hydration. I have been using it for about a month now. The weather is starting to get warm and humid and sometimes for me my skin loses all that hydration. It is hard for me to find products to use in the summer that are not heavy and will make me feel sticky.  However my friends this stuff is great!

Banana Boat Sun Wear-  so this stuff does smell like sunscreen, but its the only stuff that I can use since I am expremly pail. This stuff stays on great is good to use I love it. I also love how it is waterproof, you would be surprised how many sunscreens are not waterproof. 

*Ugh this picture would not work the way I wanted it too. *
EOS Egg- This stuff is my addiction…. I pretty much have every flavor! ummm that’s pretty much all I can say!

Benetint- I carry this small one with me when i’m on the go, I love this stuff it’s just like a rosey pink pretty color and just is enough if you are going for that natural pretty look. I sometimes will also put this on my lips and then throw a pretty gloss over it. It looks just so pretty and natural, and it lasts all day. I have no complaints about this stuff, just try it you will love it

Great Lash-  Favorite drug store award goes too…… this stuff, Why you may ask? Well its the perfect combination of clumpy and lengthening. Two coat’s of this stuff and your on your way. When I just started using this stuff people would ask me if I had fake eyelashes on, NOPE just two coats of this stuff!

Pacifica in the scent Tahitian Garden-  The scent is just heaven. It’s light but also able to keep the scent throughout the day without really having to re- apply. It’s a total summer scent it’s perfect it makes me so happy I can say that it is one of my signature summer scents.

Pacifica duo1 – When I got this it reminded me of ice cream, this duo is awesome it’s really nice i use the brown across my whole lid and then the light pinkish color goes right on top under the brow as a nice highlight and then goes in the corner of my eye. This makes a simple pretty pop to my eyes. In the summer I really don’t want to wear heavy eye makeup so this mostly does the trick!

Hang Ten-  So I got this stuff in my May Ipsy Bag, and I have been going and mixing it with some moisturizer and then but it all over my face and neck, then extra is rubbed on the back of my hands. It is a great face sunscreen and that is why I have been using it. However a little bit of this stuff goes a long long way! I was shocked the first time I put it on. To find out how much extra I had left on my hands. Okay but seriously I love this stuff because its Oxybenzone free, Paraben free and not greasy at all!

Coola face-  I got this last summer and really didn’t use that much of it till about 4 weeks ago. I really like how it is spf 20 and it has a tint to it, oh and not to mention it’s a mineral sunscreen and organic. I am all about trying things that are  not loaded down with crap in them. This stuff does cover again and a little goes a very long way. You could put this on and then use a concealer and you will be perfect.

As always thanks for reading i’m so happy to be back at it! 

Victoria Fox 


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