So you want to throw a Friendsgivng

One of the most highly anticipated blog post requests had to be about Friendsgiving. Truthfully I had NO clue that you all would seek any interests in how I plan my annual party. However, I was so honored that you were interested! I am going to try to cover everything you guys need to know about how to plan a successful one that accommodates everything one should have at a Friendsgiving.

First off Invites :  This year I decided to go with a different approach to sending out invitations. Personally, I find sending out a massive test or individual text is messy and time-consuming and personally becomes too much work for the host. So this year I decided to go with a VERY different approach. HELLO, Punchbowl this amazing website does it all when it comes to invitations! Sends them out, sends out reminders even lets them know what dish they should bring! Not to mention they have so many options for the holidays, birthdays and so much more. The best part??? It is FREEEE! 



Table setting: This year I wanted to go for more of a simple vintage vibe table! I set myself at a wholesale flower market with my mom the day before for a mixture of greens. Seeded Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar were the two options when it came to the tablescape. In the end I decided to go with for the solid reason of coverage and quality. Additionally, I added in some pinecones for dramatic effect. This tablescape was so freaking easy! Legit easy peasy!!!

Let’s talk cutlery, plates and all that jazz.. 

 Obvi with 30 people there was no way on this planet I was going to use the good quality stuff. And with their being such a vast amount of awesome and gorgeous PLASTIC cutlery why wouldn’t I run with it? This year I purchased all my plates napkins and forks and spoons, from Target! This stuff made such an impression with the table. I loved so much the finishes of the brass plastic silverware! I never recommend going with the good stuff. Just go plastic, believe me you will thank me later! I loved my place setting this year it was easy to do and easy to clean up! I always recommend to people to not settle for boring table settings! You can do so much to get the place setting to look the way you like with inexpensive materials so that’s a little food for thought!

Finally the food tables, drink tables etc. 
I wanted to have drinks since this year we are all legal I recommended that we all BYOB because let’s be honest people think that one person is going to buy all the beer when in actuality that is not how it should be. This year I recommended everyone bring a bottle of wine and or beer! I totally recommend doing this it makes everything 100% easier!!!

If you have any other questions about how I magically pulled this all together! Make sure to leave them in the comment section below!


  1. What Would V Wear
    November 29, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    You did an amazing job, V! The setting looks amazing! I didn't get to host Thanksgiving this year but next year for sure.PS: Thank you for your kind condolence wishes re: my pup Bodhi. It truly meant a lot to me and my family.Happy Wednesday, babe!xoxo,

  2. NotJessFashion
    December 8, 2017 / 2:31 am

    Your table setting is lovely, the plates are really cute too!Jessica |

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