Since the Last Time we Talked


Hi stranger’s!

First off let me start off by saying how much I missed you all! So much has been happening in my personal life over the past few months that it is actually hilarious how much can change in such a short distance of time. The past few months, I have graduated college. I have then been job searching very intense. Connor moved to Wisconsin and started his next chapter and his new career. Flash foward three months later so much has changed, Connor has moved home and has transfered to a brand new office. And I got a job commuting close to a hour a morning and a hour in a half in the evening. In total, I spend close to 12 hours a week in the car.

So much has changed over the past couple of months. I won’t lie to you all, I am exhasted. So much has changed and so much is going on. Connor turned to me last week and told me that he really wanted to see me getting back to blogging and interacting with you all. I knew that he was right, he encouraged me to get out yesterday and go take photos and write a blog post what was going on. He was so right, honestly it is so nice to have someone to encourage you to get back to something you love so much.

In conclusion I missed you all so so much. These past three weeks I feel like I have been able to find what I really want in my career, my blog and my future. I am so happy to be back and to be able to interact with you all! I promise to be back to posting my two times a week content schedule! Additionally back to my full-time schedule over on Instagram, fingers are crossed! If you have not followed alog over on Instagram follow me! (@coffeenablonde)


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