Simplify in the new year: Wardrobe

I wanted to kick today off not only is it the first post of 2019, but it also is the start of the series I call “Simplifying in the new year.” I personally do not believe in the concept and or idea of doing resolutions. Resolutions, in my opinion are beyond hard to keep and harder to maintain for 365 days a year. What I know works for me is complying small ways to promote change in my life. And that is by cleaning up certain areas, adopting similar ways to live my life. And or showing how to dress smarter not harder, in todays very busy speed of life. That is how I know I can keep and or promote change.

Can you believe that we are officially in the new year? Literally where did 2018 go? In all honesty 2018 was amazing and beyond wonderful to me. So many amazing and awesome opportunities came my way in 2018. From an re-brand of Coffee and a Blonde. To a new purpose, and feel for content and what I wanted to bring to you all. So much good came out of 2018, that I am looking forward to 2019.

Today I’m kicking off the new year talking about simplifying your fashion and your life. I have fell in love recently with the idea and concept of ready to wear looks. Throwing on a good pair of leggings with a good athleisure pullover has been the power move for me recently. One of my very favorites and so easy to do so of. Not to forget I feel like so many of us need to adopt the idea of more athlesure looking outfits. A few things to keep in mind with simplifying your wardrobe is to look for investment and key pieces that you know will work in your wardrobe. Another thing is to find what works best for you. Fit, crop, texture all that stuff. And finally don’t over compensate and buy more than you need.

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