Shorts for Summer for any Shape

Summer is here and that means one thing…. Shorts

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to my blog! I am so happy that you guys are back!

Today I wanted to talk about summer shorts! The other day I shared these checkered shorts over on the blog and it got so many people gushing over them. I also shared over on Instagram how much I HATE to wear shorts and to take part in the whole entire short game. Just because my legs do not work well with denim shorts. So I had a general idea to create and review these shorts that would generally complement any body type and shape. And in return, I decided to combine reasons as to why they are so worth the purchase.

I paired these adorable Summer shorts with a basic white blouse and these adorable block heels that I shared last week over on the blog. I really have to sat these are the best shoes ever. I know that over on the blog I gushed over them saying how fantastic they are. But really they are so good and worth the investment considering they are under $30.

But let us get back to the point… these shorts.

They are so comfy and with the linen based lining they add a special touch which makes them 100% better. If you know me and or any girl. Anything lined makes stuff so much better in my personal opinion. These guys are not see through which is so awesome. They are the highest quality and made really incredinly well. Now another thing that I love is the fact that they are a paper bag style short. They have a good stretch to them making them amazing. No buttons, no zippers just straight elastic which is so awesome. Finally for my curvy girls, they do not ride up on the legs! Yes you heard me they dont ride up at all! Which is by far my favorite thing ever on this planet.

I linked these shorts in today’s post believe me they are so good! And totally worth the splurge. Linking the entire look below! Happy Monday Y’all




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