Shopbop Sale and Friday Favorites

It is here the Shopbop Spring Sale! Yay! I wanted to rounf up some items that are in my cart currently that I am purchasing during the sale. So many goodies are available for spring and I am so excited to share my purchases with y’all! If you guys don’t already this is a great time to make purchases on essential items. I like to stock up on shoes,bags and accessories. Mostly for me this is a great time to snag those designer shoes I have been wanting or to snag a designer bag I have been eyeing up for less $$. Leaving you with so much more bang for your buck! This year the sale is broken into 15%,20% and 25% with the more that you spend the more you save! Additionally make sure to use code SPRING, to snag gorgoeus spring items at a even better price! Take a peek at what I have tagged!

Also speaking of picks it would not be complete without my FRIDAY FAVORITES! One of my very favorites. This week it is broken into alot of Shopbop sale but also includes some skincare favorites of mine currently. Tagging all of those below so y’all can take a peek at and shop for yourselves!


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