September Beauty Favorites

Well Hello October,  it feels like we just were batting out lashes and were saying hello to September and Pumpkin spice lattes. And now we are here, October. Where have I been? What have I been doing with my life and my blog to not bring you Septemeber beauty favorites’. So here we are rounding up the movers and shakers for the month of Septemeber and the products that  YOU need to get now for Fall! So without a long intro lets get to it!

Last month I fell in love with so much many and exciting face products. As the season changed so did my face making it chapped and dry beyond words. I had to look fast for a good product that would lock moisture in at night and keep my face looking hydrated and glowey. In comes Patchology Aqua Flash moisturizer. And let me be the first to tell you this product is my life saver in life. Never have I met such a refreshing and awesome moisturizer. Totally worth the price and the product itself.

Next Up- IGK , Instafamous Blonde Conditioner & Shampoo. I have heard so many wonderful things about this product line and I finally took the plunge back in Septemeber and purchased it. And the quality and feel for the product is so worth it. It leaves your hair feeling refreshed, and delivering that purple shampoo benefit. A double win I never have purchased a matching shampoo and conditioner but both are so worth it.

Three other products that are so worth discussing this month have to be Hand Food, Pixi Beauty and Morphe brow pencil. I have never been good with my brows until I met this brow pencil. I decided to go with Biscotti for myself which as the PERFECT for all my fair and blonde girls. The best part the pencil is only $6 and so worth the value. Next ,we need to talk about Pixi Beauty matte lipsticks one of my favoeite things on this planet. I had the opputunity to try out the entire shade range and I fell in love with the formula, long wear and the overall feel!

What are some beauty favorites you fell in love with last month? Let me know!


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