Professionalism with Kim and Proper

Special thank you to Kim and Proper for sponsoring this post today!

Did you guys miss me? One week away from basically all social media and blogging and here I am resurfacing for you guys on Monday, July 30th, 2018 with a brand spanking new blog post! Shocking? Nope just life getting the best of me! As always I remember that I WILL NOT, write a post and just slap it up on the internet. I want to focus on making good wholesome content for you guys!

With that being said let’s get on to today’s topic of discussion, College and professionalism wardrobe. Yep that a good one right? Funny, part is I’ve been practicing this sense of style all summer that I forgot I owned a pair of shorts in my closet. But seriously, bar far it is a discussion that needs to be made more public. So many times I see myself wondering what I could be wearing to the office or even to a professional event. The typical options, pants, blouses and maybe a white tee. Until I give up and just throw something on myself because I really am at the point of not caring. (Sad to openly admit) But at the same time, it is so true and describes a problem that so many women have in professional atmospheres. I love the idea of dressing nice and well for work and believe the better you dress the more professional you will be taken in an office atmosphere.

I was beyond thrilled and actually honored when a wonderful dress company reached out to me looking to potentially collaborate. I love dresses it’s no secret and at times that is where you will see the majority of my investment go. I am beyond in love with this Kim and Proper dress. The style is called Sophie and everything about it screams professional attire to a tee! Also, might I mention the color options for these dresses are seriously ahhhhmazing! Yes so so so good! I am obsessed with black and I love the chance that I might be able to wear this dress throughout Fall for school professional events and even for other events that might pop up! What are your fashion go to’s for professional attire? Let me know below! 

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