Pre-Fall featuring Express Fashion Staples

I know you are reading this and thinking why is she talking about Fall? Truth is that this week starts the first week of August and August is the leadway to the Fall Season. Truth is I love Fall beyond words, it is the season I was born in but it additionally is just my favorite time of the year. I already have been purchasing and getting some new looks for the fall season! I am so excited! Today I wanted to break down some of my favorite pieces that I have jsut snagged from Express. Truth is it was HOT shooting these looks! PA is eperiencing some WARM WARM temps so it was slightly painful at one point to shoot these looks! But we made it!

If you did not know leopard is huge this season.. but really is it not huge every season? 

I love prints and I really wanted to purchase tops and blouses more this season. I feel like out of everything I buy that was the biggest thing by far that I lacked. I still feel like I lack tops and blouses, But my biggest problem is finding what works for me and what I like. True life I am beyond picky with clothes and pruchasing things. I literally am a deep thinker in stores. Probably why I do most of my work VIA online. So when I found this top, I fell in major love with just about everything about it. Including these booties which are a total dupe of the ones currently on NSALE. Legit a perfect dupe if you are looking for them since they were sold out in 3 days.

Fall means DENIM.. 

I LOVE these jeans so much they are so cute. My only problem is I sized up and I should not of sized up at all. I should of just stayed true to size for A comfort and B for the shape of the denim. It makes a huge difference for me, especially when I see the denim online. My only note to say, other than that this denim is AMAZING! And so worth it! A super high quality denim for not a bad price!


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  1. July 29, 2019 / 9:18 pm

    Fall is my fav season of the year! it’s so exciting to see fall blog posts everywhere now because I live for these! this outfit looks adorable. x
    have a lovely day!

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