Planning perfect in Pink

If you understand Monday, you understand the Monday struggles for sure. I feel like in the new year we have problems getting it all together and getting our dates, times and things back into a cohesive struggle. It all starts in my option with planning and having a way to plan it all out. I know for some of us we all struggle with getting it together.

Before we get into todays blog post I have to talk about this tee!

My shirt is one of my favorites currently!!! And if it doesnt put you instantly in the mood for pink and more pink then you are totally doing it all wrong. My shirt is from a Pittsburgh girl like myself named Katie Love who is the fun currator and founder of Love Social Media. A fun and totally filled with pink social media statagist! (Literally shes so fun, follow her on insta @katielovesocial)  She created a totally pink fun filled clothing brand called Pink Lover Shop. And let me be the first to tell you her stuff is so cute, and so pink! Insantly will put you in a good mood! Shop her store right here!

One thing I have to do with the beginning of the new year is get together my planners and all of my “tools” that keep me organized. A new year always means that it is the perfect time to get it together. I will admit by the end of the year I usually fall apart and skip out on my planner work. This year I made a small resolution and more of a promise to myself to be more productive with planning out my things. In 2019, I REALLY made a goal to search hard for a productive planner that could house it all for me. (Week by week, monthly and goal setting.) I wanted to have it all in one place and luckily I was able to find it with the Bloom Planner. By far one of the BEST amazon buys in a really long time, and I have pruchased some good things.

Two big keys that I reccomend when getting it all together int he new year when it comes to planners

  1. Buy a complete planner- I never thought that I would LOVE  a daily planner that had month planning and the option for vision planning. I love how it can house everything for me, personal reflection is something that I feel we all need and something that can help us at times.
  2. Looking to a journal and as another way to keep lists and keep day to day tasks. A small journal is a perfect option ans easy to carry around and pull out when needed. I decdied this year to get one as a way to keep things much more organized. And a way to keep my planner less crowded with tasks that end up getting crossed out when completed.


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