Old Navy Spring Haul

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to coffee and a blonde! I’m so glad you guys made your way back!

Today I wanted to talk about everything I snagged from old navy last week on there huge sale they had! The whole store was 50% off which was insane and awesome for me! Let all the deals begin! I won’t lie I love shopping for spring but I love getting a good deal all around! Second off I never realized how good old navy has stepped up there game. Literally I used to never ever walk into a old navy. And now I buy all my denim from old navy and I’m legit obsessed with everything they have coming in.

So today I wanted to break down everything I bought and show you! Over on my Instagram I’m breaking down with a try in session! Giving you prices, details and first impressions! Guys it was so much fun! I’ve never ever done a blog post like this so it’s so much fun for me! Like I said above ims o shocked over the fun new pieces they have. I always try to shop for things that I know I can wear throughout the next 5 months and be able to re-work into my wardrobe. I always say blogging is a blessing and a curse. One so many cute things you get to try and own. And then two you are constantly wearing things and then getting rid of them. Which is the sucky part about blogging, because you have all these clothes and then you dont exactly know what to do. But all these picks are so good.

Lets go over sizing, I am a small to medium size 2 and 4. In all the denim pictured I sized up to a 4. Just for ultimate comfort and for ultimate feel. For all the dresses pictured I am wearing a size small and they fit absolutley perfect for me! Literally like a glove, no joke at all. Now shoes I bought my shoes in a size 7 1/2 and so true to size and so comfy! Hello gorgoeus white block shoe for spring. I told you guys I am all the way team white shoe for spring! Sorry not sorry!



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