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How are we all feeling on this Monday? Anyone having serious food hangover and feeling like they need to go run 5 miles today? Literally how I am feeling right now at this current moment. However, since it is April 2nd I wanted to break down my complete experience with no shopping for a whole month. 

So many people followed along on my journey with not buying anything. And to be honest it made me love my closet so much more. It also helped me to curate a better closet for any season. I got rid of so much stuff, sold, purged and gave to women in need. And instead was able to find my true sense of style. 

Additionally, I was able to respect and like the idea of building a closet that would stick for me. A large amount of my cleaning was directed at getting rid of clothes I wore in my teens and now as a , 21-year-old women starting to work in more professional apparel. Now I am atracted to having a closet with more staples and getting more texture and buildable pieces mixed in. 

Furthermore, some of my very best tips when it comes to giving up shopping for a month are some pretty simple ones. Try to have an open mind towards getting rid of things no longer bring you “joy”. After doing that I was able to realize how endless amounts clothes were something that were not needed. And to that it made me feel so much better with letting go and welcoming in the new! 


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  1. awhite
    April 3, 2018 / 2:07 pm

    So cool to be able to edit your own closet, curate your style, AND give to women in need! This is awesome, babe!-AshleyLe Stylo Rouge

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