Nordstrom Public Access Sale +My Picks

Happiest of Fridays everyone and happy public day to those non-Nordstrom card holders! I know you are thinking ugh, another post about the Nordstrom sale but I assure you this post is so much different! Today is the official opening day for those of you that are not Nordstrom Card Holders. Last year I was the same as you and actually having a card this year. I still am the same as you when it comes to shopping the sale. As I stated on Monday’s post I was not in any way in “love” with the sale this year. Personally, I am not a person that will come on my platforms and buy tons of stuff that I will wear once and then return it. Only to see it at a Nordstrom Rack in three months. And let’s be even more honest I am in college and when I am not shooting looks for you guys. I’m in denim, leggings and or pullovers it’s my life and I depend on those pieces to pull my through the winter and fall.

Since the sale has officially opened to the public today so many pieces have been restocked! Which is awesome all around, if you ask me. But also at the same time we knew that they would go ahead and restock it all the best sellers of the sale. I went ahead today and linked stuff that is restocked and so worth the purchase!

My biggest thing for the sale is to scout out best part of the sale and to make sure I include them in the sale. For myself im into escentials and nothing else, not even the $20 basic tee that will be $50 after the sale. I want to bring you only the best that I know YOU will need and want. Like thermals, pullovers and booties! So without further introduction here is my picks for the sale that are still in stock and are perfect picks for the sale.

So what are you shopping for today with the Nordstrom sale? Comment below and let me know, I want to know from you!

Happy Shopping!


  1. leah behr
    July 26, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    Love your picks! So glad I snagged that wubbly before it sold out!

    xx Leah /

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