My first Impressions of the Nordstrom Aniversary Sale

Happy Monday Everyone!

Where has the weekend gone we blink and Monday is here and looking us straight in the face. Over the weekend I was off on Saturday and let me say it was one of the most refreshing things ever. I spent time going and having lunch with girlfriends/ blogger babes. We are all in real life actual friends and we try to make an effort to meet and have drinks and lunch as much as we can! It’s crazy how blogging can create real friendships in real life and not just Instagram. I also had some time to stop out at Nordstrom and check out the Anniversary sale.

This year I decided to sign up for a card to reach early access and when the sale went public on Thursday I made sure to share some of my very favorites with you all. Since so many of you are around my age and aren’t looking to spend over $300 on some clothes I decided to be as affordable as possible this year. Additionally, the blogging community does such a good job of covering the sale and showing you what the sale is all about. 

 With that being said, Connor and I decided to pop up to Nordstrom to see what they had. What I was greeted with was a sad amount of inventory and leaving me less than impressed but I kept trecking through my store looking to see what I came for. The key pieces, that I could wear now and later into fall. I kept telling Connor how not impressed I was with the store. I kept saying maybe I would have better luck with online. My biggest challenge regarding the sale is I don’t want to be a blogger that goes out and buys a whole rack of clothing and shoots it all only to return it and never wear it again. I am in college and I am constantly looking for “affordable chic”. I mean my first real job was working retail at Tj Maxx! I saw so many brands coming through that were designer brands at a fraction of the price. For me, this sale does have amazing pieces, but it also falls in different areas very short. I feel like as of right now I am going to wait for the sale to open next week to the public and when it does I feel then I will shop the sale for the pieces I know that are still in stock and can be worn right now into fall. As I said building a professional investment wardrobe is a real thing and it is something that I am trying to really adopt right now!

What were your feelings about the Nordstrom sale? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Jessica
    July 18, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    They had some amazing pieces that I knew were classics but they sold out before I could even buy them and I’m a level 4 member! HOW does that happen?! Hoping they restock them for the public! But have to agree with you in the sense that yes, don’t buy something that you will never wear!

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