My Secret Beauty Hack: Jade Rolling

For how long now have you heard all about Jade Rolling?? Raise your hand please if you have heard it more than 5, 6 maybe 1o times? Truth is in the past few weeks it has become one of my very favorite beauty favorites. Almost to the point where my roller is broken. I mean in all honesty I bought a super cheap one, but that doesn’t mean that you need to run at the end of this post and buy an expensive roller for optimum results. All Summer I have been looking for a roller constantly stalking Tj Maxx looking for the perfect roller that would fit. Constantly sold out until about 5 weeks ago! I automatically snagged it and ran home and started googling! The result?? Obsessed!

What is Jade Rolling??

Jade rolling is essentially jade and is used helo deflate and take away inflammation in one’s skin. The cool of the jade helps to tone and tighten skin while relaxing.

What does Jade Rolling do???

As stated above it takes away inflammation and puffiness in one’s skin. It also is a great compliment with prepping your skin for the evening and even is followed by a serum.

Do you visibly see a difference? 

Personally yes I do. And here is why, when I was constantly using it I saw a decrease amount of breakouts on my face and since not touching my Jade for roughly a week I am breaking out on my sides and I am seeing a massive incline of breakouts. Where before I feel my jade helped to control and minimize all of that going on within my face. Not only that but I felt it controlled my face prepping for oil and face serums!

What do you recommend using with your Jade? 

I love rolling my face and then prepping by putting a good serum on. Right now I am switching in an oil because of how dry and dull my skin looks. But then I also use a face lotion to prep my skin for bed. And I love the results my skin has from using Jade and these specific products as a whole.

Puffy Face!? 

If you have mad allergies like myself and see yourself suffering through the season a Jade Roller can be a massive help in the morning with draining the excess amounts of fluid within ones face. I know for myself with my allergies being so bad and feeling of fluid in my nasal passages. This little guy helps beyond words with greeting happy and healthy de-puffy skin!

Questions regarding Jade Rolling? Leave them below!!!

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  1. Pam
    October 2, 2018 / 7:53 am

    this sounds like a life saver, I definitely suffer from puffy face!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

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