How to get the Perfect Summer Tan with Tanologist


Happy Monday Everyone! And welcome back to my blog! Last week over on Instagram I shared all about a new self tanning system called Tanologist. I told you all about my feelings on it and kept you all posted basically on how it went for me. But in all honesty I have always had a love hate relationship with self tanner. So trying this new Tanologist product line I was very intreged.

So what is Tanologist? 

So it is a UK based brand that just made a apaerance here in the United States. It is excusively available at Target and it is actually a uber convient place to get it! Because everyone stops at there local target to shop. Furthermore, Tanologist is a customizable, express self tanning collection. It gives you 100% choice & control over a fast developing tanning process. And giving you three skin tones to choose from (light, medium or dark). Few other things, Tanologist is odorless, streak- free, transfer proof & drama-free. Clean experience that is: vegan, cruelty-free, organic.

My pervious experience about Self- Tanner….

I feel like we all have had these sitations in our life regarding self- tanner. You somehow in life find your way trying self-tanner. However no matter how much time I spend self tanning and or scrubbing, exfoliating and trying to evenly apply. I still end up spotchy and with streaks. So trying this product was something that I was very open to.

My application process…

So I started out by waking up and applying all over my body and timing the process. So Tanologist is a express tan. Meaning in 1 to 4 hours it develops. So I woke up and decided to apply the product from head to toe and clock it. A little into an hour and 30 minutes we have zero development. So I decided to wash off and just strictly do my legs. The end result AMAZING.. over 8 hours my legs went from uber pale to super dark. Throughout the week I continued to apply and use the product. One thing that I really loved was the Spray. It is so incredbly easy to apply and work with.

All together I have to say It is WORTH IT. Mostly because now it is so hard to get those hands on Isle of Paradise products since its US premier last Summer. This is a inexpensive around the same price range product line. That is easy to get with an awesome non streak afterlook! I loved using the Light Mousse, Self Tan Water and Self Tan Drops.

The complete Tanologist Product Line!


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