My Honest Feelings On TULA

Here we are! I feel like we have been waiting and waiting for this blogpost! If you guys are fresh to social media you would see basically everywhere all the coverage about TULA. I won’t lie to you I was skeptical and really also wanting the opportunity to work with them. So late last summer they sent me over the Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser. It kinda changed my life dare I say…. It also left me super angry with myself that I was buying Drunk Elephant and this line was almost a fraction of the price.

Since then I have added an additional 3 items to my skincare routine rounding up for a total of 4 TULA items that I use every night and every morning! I really wanted to talk about if it is worth the hype and what products I use and LOVE!

Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser-

Why I love it? –  It is a super easy on the skin cleanser but gets your face feeling all clean. I use this morning and night. I additionally love how you can get it foamy and it just feels so good on the skin. It most definitely gives more $$$ a run. Also the size of this bottle is wonderful, I purchased a bottle in December and I am still going strong with that bottle.

Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm-

Why I love it? – I use this nightly! I have been using this since December and OMG it will blow your mind.… For good! By far one of my very favorite items! The cooling of this product calms down those under eye circles and just leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed! I love adding it sometimes up by my eyelid for extra cooling.

Pro- Glycolic 10% Resurfacing Toner-

Why I love it?-Easy to use and no sent attached to it. Which is something that I love beyond words because sometimes things can get a little scenty. And I am not about that life! I also live this product because it gets all my makeup build up off (which a toner should) BUT it also leaves you feeling smooth and hydrated with no feeling of a film.

Hydrating Day and Night Cream-

Why I love it? –  This is a JAM. In all seriousness this is an amazing product that puts others to shame and the price point is even better. I strictly have been using this in the evening and not in the morning unless I need that added in hydration then YES. But for the most part this gets the job done and it is a new favorite.

In all I would say that TULA is a wonderful skincare brand with so many different products for each skincare concern. I wanted to round up what I use and my experiences using these products with you all! I also want to let you guys know that TULA is giving you all the oppurutnity to save 15% on your next order with the code COFFEE15 !

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