My honest feelings on multi-striped sweaters

Possibly one of the biggest trends of the season, and quite possibly seen everywhere and beyond this fall the striped multi-colored sweater can be seen EVERYWHERE! From the moment I saw the striped sweater trend I was beyond obsessed with the trend. I knew I needed to get the right sweater for my skin tone and color of my hair! And then I came across one, and I was sold! I found the perfect one at no other than tj Maxx. I was beyond sold and beyond obsessed with what I found! 

It can be so hard to go and test our trends and find trends you like. For me I never personally test a trend I get too scared that next season they will be gone and never will return. Do we personally remember embroidered shoes? Ya, where are they now? Donated to the goodwill! Never to be seen on me again! One trend that came back for another year is white boots which I finally invested in and purchased this season. However, I feel so different about striped sweaters I feel they will totally make yet another appearance next year and even this year through the winner. Which makes me so so incredibly happy. Since it is a trend that I am loving and all about was lowkey laughing at myself when I bought this sweater because I knew people were going to ask me exactly as to why I would want a puffy multi-striped sweater. But the truth is who wouldn’t want a multi-colored striped sweater??? I mean seriously, quite possibly one thing I love is that this is a versatile sweater. Making it totally be able to go into late winter and even spring with less layering tucked into a dress and or skirt.

What are some pieces that you are living for this season? I want to know and what tends do you think will stick around to next season!? Let me know below!


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