My Experience with Dermaplaning

If you all remember a few weeks ago I decided to go out and make myself get a little fix. Let me start out by saying turning 21 I started to notice things that made me want to start a little change. I always been a structured take off your makeup clean your face and maintain as much as you need to. Which lead me to the idea of trying out Dermaplanning. I knew that I wanted to get the procedure done but I was selective with where I was going to go. After finding the perfect person to go to I was able to finally have the confidence to go. 

What is Dermaplaning??

Dermaplaning is when they take a medical grade blade and go across your face removing the most difficult hair and dry skin. Basically in a nut-shell. 

What is the risk? 

Nothing which is the best if you ask me. So many people think that facial hair will grow back darker, more corse and just horrid. That is an absolute lie and it’s sorta funny it’s a huge misconception. 

It has been roughly four weeks since I have had it done and I must say that my skin has been changed so much. I have been dealt extreme dry skin and it shoes because one moment I can have moisturized  and awesome skin. The next moment I can have dry patches of skin. So for me getting this procedure done I was able to understand so much more about my skin type and the things I need to adopt to take better care of me face. 

For one my experience was awesome I loved having the opportunity to learn new things about my face. The whole procedure for me was an hour in a half and I must start out by saying It was so relaxing. The first hour of the procedure is strictly the dermaplaning and then the last 30 is a firm facial and relaxation. I left the whole service feeling brand new and rejuvenated. My facialist recommend going and getting this procedure done 3 to 6 times a year! 

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