My experience buying secondhand Designer


Finally we are talking about my experience with purchasing secondhand Designer! I have been so excited for the day to come to write this post and share all the details with you all!

So earlier this Summer, I really wanted to make a designer handbag purchase. I was between two handbags a LV neverfull Azure in the Pink Ballerina color. And a Gucci Disco Bag. When it came to color in that bag I had no clue what I wanted. So I spent just about 6 months deciding upon what I wanted. Finally I decided on the Gucci Disco in the color “Camelia” which is a awesome sand or brown blush color!

Do the Research- 

Just like in college we do research when it comes to work and all that stuff. The same rule of thumb goes for buying designer handbags. For me I saw no value in purchasing a second hand LV Neverfull. Here is why, you may be saving close to $80 or $200 on the bag you still have to pay tax which is upwards of $60 to $100 and then shipping. So at the end of the day you are paying full price if not more for a LV Neverfull. Not to mention on sites like FASHIONPHILE and Tradsey they still price the bags out at sometimes more. My recomendation if you really want a LV Neverfull, purchase at the store.

Why I chose my Gucci-

Here is the short answer, the bag worth has increased signifcantly. Meaning back two years ago you could purchase this bag around the price of $950 out the door. Since the increase of the bag it has went up significantly.  I knew that this was one a bag I could wear for a long time and keep it’s investment which was a nice feeling to me. The only problem I had was what color I wanted. The black or the carmel color. At the end of the day I chose the carmel because of the availibility to wear it all seasons. Doesn’t mean I won’t purchase it in black, it is all around a amazing handbag.

How I budgeted and was able to afford the bag-

Budget budget and budget. I am someone that can pack away money better than anyone I know. Throughout college I worked three jobs and put away X amount of money each paycheck. So when I knew I wanted a designer bag I had been putting away cash ina  seperate area of my account. So I put away close to the price of the bag. However, I felt semi- guilty spending it ALL on a handbag so I split that cash in half and put a down payment on the bag and the rest over on a bill I had at the time.

Thats where FASHIONPHILE came in-

I have been follwing FASHIONPHILE for sometime now and I loved the bags, and felt as though I could trust them when it came to purchasing a bag. Sometimes in the past we have seen websites that claim to be real but end up selling legit counterfit. So I knew that I was not taking any chances at all. Knowing where I wanted to purchase my bag from, I downloaded the app and followed along through styles and colors. Then favored the ones that I liked the most. My bag was purchased 10% off and I saved close to $200 off the bag. Which made me so excited because I lovea  good deal.

Finally how did I afford it? 

FASHIONPHILE is so unique and gives you the chance to do Layaway which is so awesome. So I put a small down payment on the bag and had 60 days to complete the payment. After the payments are done it is all yours!



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