May Favorites: Best Buys of May

Happy Friday everyone and welcome back to my little space of the internet! Today I wanted to round up 5 of my best purchases from last month. First off can we take a moment to believe that we are basically through the month of JUNE??? I mean, I am a little shocked that I have been out of College for a month and two weeks! Crazy to me! But today I wanted to break down 5 products that I love from the last month!

  1. Patricia Nash White Bag- This bag is my EVERYTHING. So a little background here, this bag was a gift from my boss and I love it beyond words. One it goes with everything and two its just so darn cute! Perfect for this summer hands down!
  2. Dolce Vita Espadrille Sneaks- OH MY GOSHHHH these sneakers are my favorite right now. Period end of story. Worth every penny.
  3. Pixie Beauty PHnominal gel moisturizer- GUY’S this product is everything. Roughly priced the same amount as any expensive mosturizer this product has my HEART. Available at Target it is worth a try! It really did balance out my skin and made my skin look so much better!
  4. Gucci Dupe Headbands- OH MY GOODNESS. So these took such a longtime to come. Literally close to a whole month to make there way here to the United States. However, for under $20 they are so worth it. All for a pack of three! I love these so much and I see myself wearing them all the time to work!
  5. Finally, Ray Bans- In the month of may I spent the money and bought myself a brand new pair of ray bans! And my goodness talk about a wonderful pruchase. It was the first time in roughly 6 years that I bought myself a new pair of ray bans. Beyond worth it, needless to say! One thing that I did was purchase the square frames. I love them so much and wear them all the time!



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