Lets Finally talk about #marchbeautyfavorites

Another month is behind us and it is so beyond hard to believe that we are in the FOURTH month of 2018 truthfully it is insane for myself to think about. But I will not sugarcoat anything for you guys. Life has been insane, from planning a fundraiser, interning, work and of course college. Finally, I am starting to think about the next chapter of college and that is of course further education and getting my MBA. INSANE to honestly start thinking about this next chapter, however I am super excited for everything to happen. 

Today I wanted to discuss what I am super pumped for and that has to be MARCH Beauty! I feel like I have been waiting to publish my favorites. It only took me until the middle of the month to finally get around to posting about them. This month I decided to break it down and give you a complete reason why these products rocked my world in the month of March. So sit back relax and get ready for the vast amounts of information. 

Turbo Dryer- 

Why I love it- It simply just does it all for me, when I originally cut my hair short a few months ago the first product that was used on my head was this stuff. Since then I feel like I am sorta attached to it, and really I can not let it go. It’s officially empty and I need to refill asap! 

What it does for me- Helps me to keep my hair looking good, I see my hair being able to dry faster and also being a good starting base to build texture, body and overall quality of my hair. However, one thing I don’t like is how oil base the product is. 

The original Beauty Blender –

Why I love it-  OKAY totally never ever ever thought I would have a thing for this product but I have a hard love for this item. I use it every single day of my life and that is something that I am obsessed with. One of my very favorite products and purchases in a long time. I know that the price point is a little high but it still is the best product and it beats the cheaper one! 

What it does for me- Smooths my makeup and makes it so easy to apply the product which is something that I am a huge fan of. Sometimes with beauty brushes we can see a huge challenge with applying foundation. Not with this stuff it makes it a breeze to blend. AND I also love I can apply my blush with this magic gadget. 

Lancome Cils Booster XL Mascara –

Why I love it- I use it this stuff religiously with my mascara. It is the perfect base for my mascara and it helps to get that natural lash look which is something that I love so much especially after I have no extensions anymore. Only, downfall is the product is something hard to get off my skin. 

What it does for me- Helps additionally with getting volume and the desired look 

Stay Matte by Rimmel London –

Why I love it- CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and it is reliable and the perfect product for the person that does not want to spend a lot of money. I love the idea of this product it is the perfect product if you want coverage and to prevent sweat and makeup from being ruined. It is a great product and cheap also. Did I mention that yet??? 

What it does for me- All day coverage and a perfect base for your daily makeup needs. I love how it goes over and it makes the perfect base. I love how foundation when follows makes for an easy look. I love this product and actually am near empty refill soon! 

Dry Shampoo by Pearessence- 

Why I love it- Gets the hair super clean and it has a fantastic scent to it. I love the application of the product and it is so easy to use. Literally, it gives the perfect amount of powder to come out and get that Greece out. It’s by far my favorite cheap product that you can snag. Also it comes in such a good size and lasts so long. 

What it does for me-  So much I love the idea of dry shampoo and as a girl that has some short hair I live for this product so much. Any dry shampoo is a good shampoo. 

Blender Cleanser- 
Why I love it- Cleans everything instant, super awesome product and uber powerful with getting everything gross off. Literally, I have a great love for this product it has a fantastic scent to it. 
What it does for me- Literally everything keeps my brushes clean and keeps them in a good and sanitized fashion. 



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    April 19, 2018 / 7:25 am

    Rimmel primers are actually really good!Pam xo/ Pam Scalfiā™„

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