Kinda obsessing over: Birkenstocks

Hi Guy’s and a happy thursday, hope you all have recovered from the fourth! I haven’t really got around to do some real blogging! I know, I know bad bad bad, but I have returned today to talk about the one thing im kinda obsessing over. With that being said and if you read the title of this post I am currently obsessing over Birkenstocks, yes I love these shoes they are seriously so chic and so cute. I originally saw Kourtney Kardashian with a pair on in a recent episode with a adorable floral flowy pants. It had me questioning myself and taking another look at the whole look. It just looked effortless and super adorable to be completely honest with you! But here is the thing would I wear them that much or would they just sit there???Let’s remember friends I am still a young adult who makes money but would have a hard time dropping this amount on a pair of shoes.( usually retail at a cool $190). I have been so swaded right now with this, my mom and friends say that they would never be seen with a pair or spend that amount of money on a pair of shoes that are not Sam Edelman. With that being said your comments would be so awesome on this topic! Lot’s of love my friend’s I hope you all have a wonderful and great thursday! 



Birkenstock  Habana Oiled Leather  Arizona

click on the picture to visit their official website


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