January Sephora 5

Who would of thought this is the SECOND time writing this post! I literally hit “publish”
On this post last night and it loaded and deleted all of my post! I was beyond upset, mad that I just went right to bed. However since it’s the new year I wanted to adopt a new idea. Last year I would do monthly beauty favorites and I would round up all my favorite products for that month. Since then I’ve really been pushing and buying more of my beauty from Sephora. And I decided to round up the Sephora five.

A few weeks ago I did it over on my Instagram stories and it was a huge success that lead to a lot of DM’s in casual conversation as to what you guys are loving and buying. So almost creating a fun little support group of what kind of beauty buys, that you’re loving, hating and not wanting to restock on!

This month I wanted to share 5 buys I am absolutely obsessed with from Sephora! So I’m going to break down some of my 5 favorites!
Donna Karren Deodorant- one of my favorite things I have! I really wanted to take the plunge and buy it. But then I was worried it would irritate me! No worries it didn’t!!! I recommend to all of you love Donna Karen cashmere mist scent!

Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Skin- I tried a sample of this roughly 5 to 6 months ago. And I loved it. I received another sample then and used it again and was in love with it. So when I was done with my Clinique foundation I knew I wanted to add this to my foundation routine.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive- Since I’ve been using lashes I was using a cheaper glue and I was seeing a difference with trying to get my lashes off at the end of the day. This stuff stays in it dries clear. double win

Makeup Forever primer step 1 – looking for a hydrating and moisturizing primer? Look no further than this one right here. Double when it has an amazing scent to it.

Finally I am loving, Soft Glam Eyeshadow Pallet- I have had this since November and three of the colors in the pallet have already hit pan which is kind of funny and away because I love it that much. It has such an awesome warm tones to it and complements all skin types.

What are your Sephora five pics that you’re loving this month? Let me know!



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