Introducing the new Coffee And A Blonde

  Introducing the new Coffee And A Blonde!

All I can say right now to you guys to express finally revealing the brand new home for Coffee And A Blonde!!!! After months of talks with multiple designers, and talking Connor and everyone’s ear’s off regarding my mission and vision here we are! YAY!

In the new year, it was a huge goal of mine to finally take the step and bring my blog to the times. Since I have been blogging since I was 17 I knew it was time to make the change. I thought what’s better than doing it this year especially since I have been “blogging” for roughly 4 years now! I decided to keep it on the down low and not really let anyone know what was going on. literally, no one knew at all that I was planning this. Not even my mom, and if your mamma doesn’t even know then you know its official!

The overall switch from Blogger to WordPress was so easy. The awesome team over at Pipdig was insane and helped make the transition to the new Coffee And A Blonde an easy process. The amazing designer I found to do a new custom logo, signature and web con was one of the best and most creative processes I ever went through. I was given 3 potential visions for Coffee And A Blonde and we settled on this guy you see above! I think it is perfect and is the perfect brand image of what I am trying to go for! From there I decided to do a complete override of all the old material and vision Coffee And A Blonde was and is right now. Instead, I tried to think creatively as to what you all want to see and not only that what I know my main vision is for this blog! That is where you will find “Beauty” and “College” with those you will find monthly beauty favorites posts. Inside of College, you will find tons of information regarding real thoughts about college, career style and internship style. I really wanted to open up about my past three years in college and be honest regarding how that experience has went for me thus far. I always get asked so many questions about college and now I have a tab for it!

I am so excited to start this exciting new journey with you all! It is so exciting to be switching over finally after how many freaking years of Coffee And A Blonde! I am still trying to get everything down with the transition from Blogger to WordPress so hang with me these next couple of weeks as I get used to the change!

As always I want to say THANK YOU! For being so supportive loving and so wonderful with the new transition to this little creative space! Without you, NONE of this would even be possible!

So thank you!

Also this dress is one of my current favorites I just linked it right here! 


  1. July 12, 2018 / 11:51 am

    congratulations!! i love the design of the logo and overall the new site! x
    have a lovely day!

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