How to style a V neck into Fall


One of my favorite things in this planet has to be a V neck. Like I have said I have literally found the best V neck’s around and nothing makes me happier than something that A. is affordable and B. holds the test to everyday life. I have been so excited to share how I style my V neck shirts.

I snagged mine from Target and let me just tell you they are the BEST. I have spent money on nice ones that are epensive. But these ones have a huge place in my heart. Not only do they wash super nice but they also last for a long time which makes it better if you ask me.

I also love to style my outfits with Tee shirts, I think this summer has been really a big time for me to discover my love for Tee shirts! I love them and thats why I really wanted to share with you all the ways that I style two Tee’s I just snagged!

Camo is one of the biggest trends and you know that it really is not going anywhere anytime soon! Which is cool with me! I love wearing camo with white denim for sure. It kinda is a easy staple and is a way to dress up and or casual dress down! Which is the way that I roll in my wardrobe!

White Tee’s! This is where my obession began right here! I love this tee so much, it is made with some of the best quality and not only that but is super comfortable also. I also like how it isnt completly see through which is my favorite add on to this top! Sometimes you snag a White Tee and they are completley see through. This one is not like that at all! I love styling WT with a simple skirt for a easy transition to Fall!

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