How to incorporate white shoes into your wardrobe this Summer

Hey guys welcome back to my little neck of the internet! Today I wanted to talk about white shoes for the spring and summer season. It’s not a lie that I really wanted to add more and more white shoes into my wardrobe this year. Out of ALL the shoes that I own this is the one that I don’t really own in my closet. So I really aimed to add more into my wardrobe this season. And I have to tell you that I am obsessed with some of the ones I purchased this season. I wanted to break down why YOU need to add them into your wardrobe this season.

1.White shoes goes with just about anything you own this summer!

Literally, one the the main reasons I bought so many white pairs of shoes. Is the endless oppurtunity to wear them into ones wardrobe. I love how they can be worn with jeans and or a cute dress or even a skirt. White in my opinion goes with just about anything and even more looks good with just about anything mixed. Which is why I love them for summer. Add them to into your work wardrobe, going out OOTD and or your everyday outfit. The options are endless.

2. White shoes aren’t just for the office

YEP. I feel like so many business professional women wear white shoes to the office along with nude And now it is so chic to add white shoe into a wardrobe. But I feel like we need to leave that at the door because it is so chic to add into any wardrobe.

3. The white rule isnt a real one, so don’t feel the need to follow

Remember always hearing “you can’t wear white” at a cartain time of the year. Which I agree.. Obviously in the winter we should not be wearing open toe white shoes but I am all for it at certain times of the year.



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