How to affordably set a budget for spring

Budgeting is my life, ask Connor I am the QUEEN of budgeting. But I also am the QUEEN of spending at times. So with the change of the season and as we pack away our Winter wardrobe and start to create a transtional wardrobe. I decided to share how I am keeping in budget with the change of the season. Number 1 thing is I love shopping but I also love scoring a massive deal on something. It makes you feel almost like you did good. You went big in a way, and scored even bigger at the end. I have been searching and searching this year for new places to shop. And even though I still love Tj Maxx and Marshall’s. We are totally at a breaking point and I feel like we are starting to break up a little bit. Instead I have fell in love with some new exciting and very affordable places for this seasons hottest trends. So I decided to round them ALL up in today’s post.

  1. Red Dress Boutique- Y’all where have I been? Living under a rock is the answer! I never knew how many cute things they had at such a good price. Free shipping over a certain and constant discounts! What is there not to love?
  2. Wight Elephant Boutique- This is a given! My Girl Victoria is dishing out new exciting arrivals every Tuesday. And roughly 70% of my current closet is all WE. I love being a WE girl more than anything! Free shipping constant sales. And ladies the spring stuff is SO GOOD.
  3. Old Navy- Old Navy and I have a rather new relationship going on and I kinda love it more than just about anything. I have fell in love with the denim from them. It fits so good and constant sales going on get me everytime. I mean have you seen the spring recently? So good! From shoes, bags to denim all at amazing weekly sales. Im so sold.

Moral of the story college is exoensive and post grad life you are living off ramen and coffee. So when it comes to fashion we have a time finding things affordable. That is why I really always try to find affordable finds at such a good price for you all!

I have to ask though what are you all shopping for this spring? Let me know below I am dying to know!



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