How I Layer my Sweaters For Winter

Happy Monday everyone!

How was everyone’s weekend? I was expecting a huge snowstorm over the weekend and said it was greeted by rain on Saturday and then;  a little bit of snow on Sunday. Overall a weekend to just do nothing and relax and to get my rack ready for Valentine’s Day! Which I am so excited to share lot’s of exciting new Valentine’s day conetent with you gusy! If you’re reading this on a Tuesday my Bestie/ boss babe friend,  over at the Wight Elephant Boutique is dropping major Valentine’s Day pieces and I have major heart eyes! So make sure you go over and check those out!

Since we are in the heart of winter I wanted to talk about how I am layering my sweaters for winter! I have received so many questions, inquiries and general wondering about how I am layering for winter! And as I stated before I am a huge person that only wears grey, black and brown cloths.

Which is so funny to me because spring, summer you will see me in straight color! So since I started saying that, I’ve been laughing over how much I really do wear those three colors!

Turtlenecks, have become one of my best friends this past winter. I have been loving the ones from the Loft! Perfect to layer and perfect for just on the own! I love a good knit that isn’t too heavy and is able to have somewhat of a collar so I can display the turtleneck!

I love this knit form H&M, mostly because it’s light great quality for under $25 and it comes in so many COLORS! Literally, 5 colors which makes me so incredibly happy! Because it’s that piece that will carry you from Fall, Winter and mostly into spring! Layering or not layering it’s a perfect price and piece!

What are you loving for layering this season!?


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