Have you been using rose in your skincare?

Rose in your skincare? What! Do I sound absolutely crazy? Maybe but in reality it’s one of the best things ever! I know we have seen rosee skincare popping up recently. Today I am finally getting to this post! By far this is one of my favorite posts I did to date! I love sharing skincare with everyone it’s one thing as a influencer I love love love! A few weeks ago pixie by Petra was so kind and thoughtful and decided to send over some rose infused products! And here I am giving you the true testimony of all these products!
Let’s chat a few reasons why I have really enjoyed these pixie by Petra products over the past few weeks!
  • If you are in your 20’s you should be adding a oil to your skincare routine. Love this Rose Oil blend
  • A good cleanser can CHANGE everything about ones face and complexion
  • A good evening routine that included moisture, cleanse and tone is a game changer
  • Boosting ones skin radiance is the best!
Now let’s talk these 9 products!
Pixie hit it out of the park! Literally…
  1. Makeup melting cleansing cloths
  2. Rose cream cleanser ( LOVE )
  3. Rose tonic
  4. Rose caviar Essence such a good hydrate
  5. Rose flash balm (such a good booster)
  6. Rose creamiest cream told moisture
  7. Rose oil blend! All should be using oil, just saying
  8. Makeup fixing mist – this is so interesting to me!
  9. Rose glow mist – such a good product have it on right now sets your makeup better!
So what is the general reason why you need to add it to your skincare routine? For one it smells so amazing and the airy pretty sent makes a huge difference in ones skincare. However it also helps to promote hydration and framing within the skin!
Shop all of my favorite pixie skincare below!

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  1. February 21, 2019 / 1:31 pm

    definitely using rose in my skincare! I love to use a face mist because it just smells wonderful and so refreshing! x
    have a lovely day!

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